EOS for Him & Her (2009): Beer-Based Carbon-Neutral Fragrance Smells of the Future {New Perfumes} {Fragrance News}

Seattle-based company Blue Marble Energy defines its mission as,

"...utilizing hybridized bacterial consortia to produce specialty biochemicals and renewable biogas. Our mission is to displace oil with fully renewable, carbon neutral alternatives."

To prove the point, they teamed with a local artisan perfumery called Sweet Anthem to create a duo of fragrances, EOS for Her and Him, that uses brewery waste to replace petroleum. "The EOS line features a special selection of Blue Marble Energy's bioester fragrances as the top note, carefully blended with Sweet Anthem's custom heart notes and low notes."

"At Seattle's Blue Marble Energy, chemists are cooking up a perfume made from the waste products of a local organic brewery, including rancid beer grains, green algae and a "sludge" consisting of 50,000 different kinds of bacteria.

The grains replace petroleum in the production process making the perfume, called Eos, completely carbon neutral."...

EOS for Her is "a green bright floral, tea-based scent. Very modern and feminine." It has notes of Butyl Proprionate (bioester), Neroli, Tea Rose, Sandalwood, Green Tea, and Banana

EOS for Him is a "Citrus and cognac with hints of powdery apricot. Equally appropriate for men and women." It has notes of Propyl Butyrate (bioester), White Ginger, Apricot, Cognac, Honeysuckle, Candied Fruits.

Each perfume is priced at $30 and available online at Blue Marble Energy

You can watch the TV report about the scents from King5,

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  1. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I've just stumbled this page for you :-D

    George Bush Rocks
  2. Oh, brilliant! I can't wait to smell like waste and rancid beer! I suppose as long as it's carbon-neutral it's ok to slosh 50,000 different kinds of bacteria on ourselves. The blessed environment comes first, right? And what would the name for the sure-to-appear-shortly flanker for this one going to be called? Eau de Streptococcus? I'm afraid I just cannot take this seriously.


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