Kenzo Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Waters/Eaux Parfumées Bienfaitrices Splash, Fizz, Shh, MMM (2010) {New Perfumes} {Beauty & Olfaction}

EAUX-PARFUMEES-BIENFAITRICES-PERFUMED-BENEFICIAL-WATERS.jpgKenzo is tapping into the wellness sphere of the fragrance world, going back to a tradition that gave us most famously L'Eau de la Reine de Hongrie, but also Eau de Ben, Eau de Botot and more recently Clarins Eau Dynamisante or eaux developed in accordance with the tenets of Dr. Bach.

From April 15, 2010, Kenzo will introduce a new collection of four perfumes meant to make you feel better as needed called Les Eaux Parfumées Bienfaitrices de Kenzoki / Perfumed Beneficial Waters of Kenzoki. They are more perfumed and more hydrating versions of the current Beneficial Water line...


Like their predecessors, these scents were conceived as both beauty products for the skin and perfume for the body.

"A new, more fragrant formula and enhanced plant extract transforms KENZO's Beneficial Waters collection into PERFUMED BENEFICIAL WATERS: SPLASH, FIZZ, SHH, MMM. The scent of each of the KENZOKI ranges is captured in these moisturizing mists. Its main ingredient, plant water, is rich in nutritive elements that are readily absorbed by the skin."

The set comprises Splash de Bambou Energisant, Fizz de Gingembre Euphorisant, Shh de Lotus Relaxant and MMM de Riz Sensuel.

Splash de Bambou Energisant perfumes, hydrates and make you feel more dynamic and tones your skin thanks to the crisp scent of bamboo leaves and tears of bamboo milk.

Fizz de Gingembre Euphorisant perfumes, hydrates and makes you and your skin feel more active thanks to ginger blossom and ginger plant water.

Shh de Lotus Relaxant perfumes, hydrates and soothes with the soft and powdery scent of white lotus and lotus plant water.

MMM de Riz Sensuel perfumes, hydrates, softens with the scent of steamed rice and rice plant water.

The transparent bottles were designed by Alban Le Henry.

Each Perfumed Beneficial Water is priced at $45/44,50€ for 90 ml in the US and Europe.

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