Parfumerie Générale Gardénia Grand Soir, Bois Naufragé (2010) {New Perfumes}

Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume is launching a duo of limited-editions this spring 2010. One of the fragrances is a floral called Gardénia Grand Soir (Gala Evening Gardenia) and the other one a woodsy composition, Bois Naufragé (Shipwrecked Wood)....

nu-bois-flotte-lucien-clergue.jpg©Lucien Clergue

Gardénia Grand Soir (91€) is described as being both nocturnal and summery. It is about "the white sigh of the gardenia supported by a vibration of sandalwood."

"Nocturne estival, le soupir blanc d'un Gardenia appuyé d'une vibration de santal."

Bois Naufragé (88€) was inspired by a photography by Lucien Clergue entitled "Le nu au bois flotté."(The nude on a flotsam). It rests on a note of caroubier also called Egyptian fig tree which was treated stylistically as flotsam, with additional notes of fleur de sel and gray amber.

Each perfume is available in a 50 ml size.

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