Georgina May Jagger Loves to Wear...{Celebrity Fragrance - What Celebs Wear}

The new face of Rimmel makeup Georgina May Jagger, who harmoniously combines the looks of parents Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, maybe can't say that she wear any other lipstick than one put out by the brand she is helping to promote, but she can speak more freely about what perfume she likes to dab on (yes, she is a dabber)....

Her favorite lipstick is Rimmel's Colour Show Off Lipstick in Fever Red. Her skin regimen centers on Ren's Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum which she uses twice a day.

And her fragrance? Georgina May seems to be a fan of the crisp tropical fragrance variety. She says that she loves to wear Kai Gardenia Oil and this is how I was able to tell you that she is a dabber because the scent comes in a roller bottle (OK, she is a swipper really.)

"I much prefer light fragrances; I love Kai's Gardenia Oil instead of a strong perfume..."

Via Elle UK

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