Scented Quote of the Day, from Diana Vreeland: The Lady who Loved Red and Strong Perfumes


I-Letter-TSS.jpgIn the midst of the 1980s there were apparently and perhaps not surprisingly reactions to the larger trend of wearing Big Fragrances which were vocal enough to reach the ears of fashion editor Diana Vreeland. If Giorgio, Diva, Mon Parfum by Paloma Picasso, Ysatis, Kouros, Drakkar Noir etc. epitomized the era she knew then (Poison was yet to launch) to the point of saturation, sometimes giving rise to public opprobrium in restaurants, Diana Vreeland remained convinced based not only on her experience of the decade but of her whole life experience as she said so herself that perfumes with substantive sillages were the only way to go...

"There's a whole school now that says the scent must be faint. This is ridiculous. I'm speaking from the experience of a lifetime.

I always carry purse scent -- that way, I'm never without it. Do you notice any scent on me now? Don't come any closer -- if you have to sniff like a hound, it's not enough!"

1st picture: Diana Vreeland in her living room, picture from an old magazine

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