Victoria's Secret Heavenly Flowers (2010) {New Perfume}

L-letter-TSS-B.jpgLingerie label Victoria's Secret have introduced a new limited-edition scent called Heavenly Flowers which was launched today 24 April 2010 at Victoria's Secret Soho in New York City (see party pictures here.) The Eau de Toilette is explicitly said to be an olfactive flanker to Dream Angels Heavenly...


"Inspired by the fresh peony heart of Dream Angels Heavenly®, America's favorite fragrance, Dream Angels™ Heavenly Flowers™ is juicier and more enticing with a touch of luscious fruit and a blend of sun-splashed blossoms."

The edp ($49) is accompanied by a Sheer Fragrance Mist ($22), a Body Softening Lotion ($20) as well as a whimsical fashion accessory: a solid perfume beaded bracelet ($20).

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