Santa Maria Novella to Celebrate 400th Anniversary with Porcellana and Ottone (2010) {New Fragrances}

The oldest pharmacy in the world is in Florence. Santa Maria Novella which began its remedial activities led by friars in the 13th century and later went on to create perfumes has started to signal the opening of the festivities of the 400th anniversary of its official establishment with the launch of two perfumes called 1612 Porcellana and 1612 Ottone...

1612 Porcellana takes its inspiration from the Far East. Its reportdely delicate composition opens on notes of jasmine and white flowers and develops a heart of star anise, cardamom and galbanum before drying down to a base of cedar wood.

1612 Ottone goes to the West instead of the East and is inspired by Northern Europe. The head notes are rose, bergamot, petitgrain leading to a heart of oregano, cinnamon, clove and pepper before finishing its course with sandalwood, cedar wood and incense.

Interestingly, both compositions seem to upset somewhat the orderliness of perfume notes as we are used to seeing them by offering unconventionally developed spicy notes in the heart and moving floral notes to the top tier level of the perfumes.  

Each fragrance is priced at 170€.


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