An Eye for Perfume, Always {Scented Thoughts}

When I watch movies, of course, I tend to notice more than your average person perfume scenes. In the past, I wrote about the movie in this regard, Perfume (I know, the 2nd part is still to be written) and also managed to see a perfume theme running throughout The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani.

On a much lighter note this time, I caught a moment of perfume battle royal in Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

It makes me laugh retrospectively because beyond the meaning of the scene which is to show the inventiveness of the Mad Hatter who is able to use all sorts of unconventional devices to try to fend off his enemy, it seems to be a good albeit exaggerated illustration of the quasi fanaticism with which some perfume lovers can stand by their belief in the quality or nastiness of a perfume...

It could be the scene depicting a crazed perfumista trying to convince his "frenemy" in this instant that "this is the best perfume in the world!"

So if I were to add subtitles to the stills, it would read something like this.

Alice-wonderland-perfume-B.jpgStayne - "This guy is mad. He doesn't understand that this perfume stinks!"


Mad Hatter (yelling) - "How could you not see the beauty of this gem you one-eyed prick? Here, smell some more! Spritz! Spritz! Spritz! "Rabbit's Hole is the best perfume in the world!"

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