Scented Quote of the Day, from Dmx:

What smells good does not necessarily taste good when it comes to perfume. Rapper Dmx recalls his abusive mother and how as a kid he was driven to drink her perfume out of sheer hunger...

Fragrance is a non-essential, a fact which should be taken in good stead most of the time. But in this story of experience, the tray of perfumes which seems to be the only edible thing in sight, becomes the glaring sign that something is wrong when money is allocated to the superfluous and food is made scarce on purpose...

"Hard was not being able to eat until your mother woke up because she had to food in her closet.

"She had a tray of perfume and I drunk some because it smelled good, but it was disgusting... I was that hungry."

From Dmx was so Hungry, he Drank Mum's Perfume

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