Quintessentially Perfume is New Tome on Fragrance {Fragrant Reading}

Quintessentially Publishing Ltd have released a new book on perfume comprising 9 chapters and 212 pages covering this history of 40 brands, both designer and niche ones. The book entitled Quintessentially Perfume is a collection of interviews and articles by a number of fragrance practitioners and experts. It is lushly bound with the hardcover designed to make the book look like a giant flat fragrance flacon...

"Quintessentially Perfume is a luxurious hard-back book chronicling the development and world of perfume over the course of 200 pages and nine fascinating chapters.

Perfume lovers will love the beautifully illustrated and in-depth interviews from perfume creators; eloquent articles from perfume writers and experts, as well as a showcase chapter paying tribute to 40 world class perfume brands. These include a rich and varied cross section of collections that cover different styles and approaches; brands whose appeal has gained mainstream recognition, as well as those who have deliberately sought to retain their niche identity."

The book which was released on April 30th, 2010 is already out of print on Amazon but still currently in stock on the brand's website at quintessentiallypublishing.com. Book is £19.99 and International shipping is £14.50

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