Frau Tonis Parfum NO. 37 Veilchen (2009): In Berlin, Marlene Dietrich's Violet Perfume is Back {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Frau Tonis Parfum is a new perfume house which opened last year in November 2009 in Berlin. It is the result of a trans-generational love for perfume across three generations of women from the same family. For this reason and also because the new fragrance brand has developed privileged links with a local perfume manufacturer called Harry Lehmann: Parfüm Nach Gewicht which started selling perfume by the weight in 1926, there seems to be a weak spot for the style and panache of the 1920s perfumes.

Among their current 21 offerings is a perfume directly inspired by a favorite fragrance of actress Marlene Dietrich which used to be manufactured by Lehmann...


It is said to be a composition of "pure violets" entitled NO.37 Veilchen as the perfume house likes to use simple names next to a number. According to owner Stefanie Hanssen, the grand-daughter of Frau Toni - the inspirational ancestor figure behind the perfumery - this violet perfume is not exactly a rendition of shy violets. Rather, it is described as being "sweet, intense and headstrong," in accordance with the personality of Dietrich. In fact, historically and culturally, it is known thanks to Marlene Dietrich herself that in Berlin in the 1920s, lesbians would wear violets on their lapels as a sign of recognition. When she performed her first hit song in 1928, "Wenn die beste Freundin", violet posies were pinned to both her shoulders and those of her on-stage "girl-friend."

If you want to get another whiff of the past, NO. 20 Sminta is apparently a perfume reminiscent of Chanel No.5 and another throwback to the era in which Harry Lehmann had their start.

Prices: 7 ml for 12€, 8 ml atomizer for 20€, 50 ml for 56€, 100 ml for 88€.

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