Men Love You Better with Little Makeup On {Beauty Notes - Makeup}


The Daily Makeover polled men on the street to ask them whether they preferred the natural vs. glam look on iconic beauties. The result is heavily slanted towards you ladies wearing as little makeup as possible. I guess we might be wearing elaborate makeup sometimes mostly to please photographers, fashion people, ourselves and possibly strut past other women. The latter thought comes to mind when I remember that it has been found that the fragrance quest is mostly deemed important by women while men tend to be content to smell that one perfume you were wearing when you met or settle for a cologne, which anyway they tend to put away after the dating stage is over.

On the other hand, wearing red lipstick must be popular not just for aesthetic reasons but because its is ingrained in our animal courtship behavior.

What do you think? Are there men out there who prefer or appreciate dramatic makeup on women?

"When you think of sexy makeup, you most likely think of a dark, smoky eye and bold red lips. It turns out that most men think the exact opposite -- 70% of guys actually find the natural, fresh-faced makeup look sexier than the glammed-up femme fatale. Surprised? We definitely were!

We took to the streets and polled 50 real men to find out what guys really think of your makeup. Each man was presented with two shots of celebrities -- Ashley Greene, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Zoe Saldana -- wearing very natural makeup and a more dramatic look. The guys were then asked which look they preferred and why. Here's the breakdown:...suspense, suspense...

Ashley Greene
Natural: 76%
Glam: 24%

Charlize Theron
Natural: 72%
Glam: 28%

Megan Fox
Natural: 82%
Glam: 18%

Jennifer Lopez
Natural: 62%
Glam: 38%

Zoe Saldana
Natural: 54%
Glam: 46%

Most of the men preferred the natural look; many of them spoke strongly against the heavily applied makeup.

Jerry, 33: "I won't say that these women don't look great in both photos, but I just can't seem to get myself to care much for the heavy eye makeup and lipstick."

Ryan, 46: "Women don't realize how much men love them in their natural state. I'd rather see my girlfriend with no makeup on at all, or at least very little, then with all that stuff piled on her face."

Still, there were a few men who liked the glammed up look better.

Dominic, 26: "I think Zoe Saldana pulls both of these off pretty well. I'm almost torn because the eye makeup in the glam shot makes me look directly at her eyes."

Scott, 52: "At first glance, I would choose the more natural look but taking a second look, I'm suddenly more partial to Jennifer Lopez's glam makeup. To me, her makeup is glam, but in a subtle way."

What do you think ladies? Surprised? Possibly even relieved? Let us know!

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  1. "Men love you better with a little make-up on."

    Well, thank goodness for that! I'm sick to death of the "I-didn't-even-bother-to-wash-my-face" look ... oh, beg your pardon. I mean, with the "natural look," of course.

    I'm glad (some) men appreciate make-up on women. Just as I like a clean, properly-groomed man (4-day stubble is SO yesterday; so Brad Pitt wannabe), I can understand men being drawn to the allure of a polished, classy-looking woman. And yes, make-up CAN be classy.


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