Jesus del Pozo Ambar (2010): Yet Another New Amber for Fall-Winter 2010 {New Fragrance} {Trend Alert}

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Spanish designer Jesus del Pozo introduced his latest fragrance for women called Ambar reportedly launched to celebrate 35 years of creativity. The composition which is signed by perfumer Marie Salamagne of Firmenich is inspired by the natural beauty of fossilized resin amber.

The fashion designer added - drawing an analogy with couture - that to him amber in perfumery plays the role of a corset in period dresses where it is not seen but can be perceived adding structure to a garment...

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Perfumer Marie Salamagne reportedly used an ambergris note together with the famous De Laire base called Amber 83 (Ambre 83), building an iris-amber accord.

Ambar is said to open on notes of bergamot, mandarin and cardamom. The heart rests on iris flower, green tea and peony. The base notes are amber, cedar wood and sage.

The bottle and advertising are said to have been designed by Jesus del Pozo's favorite artistic director, Juan Gatti. The typeface draws direct inspiration from Art Nouveau period style.

Prices: 27€, 44€, 59€ for 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml respectively.

This is one more composition to add to the fall-winter 2010 amber trend.

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Via The Moodie Report; Belleza Envena

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