Aftelier Perfumes Candide (2010): Optimism & Jasmine {New Fragrance}



Natural perfumier Aftelier Perfumes are inspired by the beneficial properties of jasmine and the lesson in optimism offered by the classic by Voltaire to create a fragrance called Candide. Quoting research from the Journal of Biological Chemistry which has found natural jasmine to be better than Valium at calming and soothing, perfumer Mandy Aftel perfected a cheerful blend...


"The sunny color comes from the orange shades of jasmine , pink grapefruit, and blood orange essences. The smell of jasmine  is uplifting and cheerful in a sexy way – the perfect blend of high and low, sweet and dirty.  The pink grapefruit is juicy and sweet; the blood orange smells of mouth-watering orange mixed with raspberries. The name is an homage to the great novel from Voltaire, with its theme of optimism."


Prices: $150 for 1/4 fl oz plus a complimentary mini kit and $45 for 2 ml. 


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