Gydja EFJ Eyjafjallajökull (2010): Volcano Eruption Inspires Perfume {New Fragrance}


Last spring, when Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted sending its ashes all over Europe to the point of blocking aerial traffic for days on, one person thought out of the box and decided that it would translate well into a fragrance.

For designer Sigrun Lilja Gudjónsdóttir owner of fashion brand Gydja Collection the volcano's activity could be bottled so as to bring the power of Icelandic nature to you home...

Going further than the abstract concept is this idea of using the volcano's water to make the perfume, which was however developed near Grasse in the south of France.

The advertising campaign and a documentary are being shot this week in situ with the participation of geologist Björn Oddsson.

For now, the only olfactory detail offered is that the scent is zesty. There is a piece of lava rock attached to the neck of the square bottle.

EFJ is used as a shorthand for Eyjafjallajökull so as to make it easier to pronounce for foreigners but the designer insisted the whole name had to be on the flacon to convey the full potency of Icelandic nature.

EFJ Eyjafjallajökull will debut from mid-November in Iceland before being distributed internationally.

Via Iceland Review; Le Figaro

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