Anna Dello Russo The Scent (2010) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


anna-dello-russo-fragrance.jpgJapanese Vogue editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo is getting ready to launch her debut fragrance called Anna Dello Russo. She already released the commercial for it on where else but You Tube. Bottled in a golden slipper reminiscent of the myth of Cinderella as well as of vintage Coty novelty perfume flacons of yore, it is simply meant to be a "gadget", a "mass-market toy." The editor added to underline the playfulness of the project, "I wanted to create something pop."


The Cinderella reference is meant to convey a message of rags-to-riches moral tale or rather as it turns out anonymity-to-fame one in the era of the internet. As Dello Russo points out to WWD,


For 20 years no one noticed me — I worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the pile. Finally I’ve been invited to the ball,” she said referring to her fairy-tale blogosphere fame at the age of 47, and a flurry of commercial offers"....


The perfume which was composed by nose Adlen Moumene from Firmenich is a gourmand and comforting blend, it seems, of vanilla cream and almonds which recall the editor's childhood in Puglia, Italy and in particular the atmosphere of her grandmother's kitchen.

The 10 ml shoe bottle is to be used as a purse spray and people are also invited to use it as a Christmas decoration thanks to a loop found at the back of the heel.

Price: $25. It will be exclusively available online at

You can watch the video ad for her perfume,


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