Nuxe Bio Beauté Eau Fraîche de Toilette aux Fruits du Soleil & Eau Fraîche de Parfum aux Fruits Epicés (2009-2010)



Beauty brand Nuxe released in 2009 a duo of organic perfumes in two concentrations, in eau de toilette and eau de parfum called Fruits du Soleil and Fruits Epicés. They are part of the wave of mainstream organic scents that is washing over the shelves of the large distribution network in France via channels such as Monoprix supermarkets and parapharmacies.

This Holidays season, a limited-edition of the two juices will be available in a new, more tailored packaging. The compositions apparently remain the same...


Fruits du Soleil has ingredients / notes of mandarin peel, blackcurrant, apricot, ylang-ylang, magnolia, vanilla.

Fruits Epicés has ingredients / notes of elemi, bergamot, raspberry pulp, rose, nutmeg, violet, patchouli and vanilla.

The raw materials used are 100 % natural and 78% organic.

Price: 28€ for 100 ml.

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