Escada Taj Sunset (2010): Inspired by Sweet Goa {New Fragrance}




Escada have opted for an early release of their 2011 limited-edition fragrance Taj Sunset as it is already available in the USA at Sephora for the Holidays 2010. The initial Feburary-2011 launch date was apparently advanced... help you beat the depth-of-winter doldrums with tropical notes rather than them just be a background noise to your next spring and summer vacation...

"A scent of tropical sensuality, it opens with a burst of citrusy blood orange and the exotic, fruity aroma of the Alphonso mango—the first fragrance to capture this unique note. Next, floral and fruity heart notes emerge, including watery blossom, sweet primrose, and raspberry. The scent lingers on a sexy, beach-inspired base of coconut cream, musky notes, and sandalwood."

"This fragrance takes you on an exotic and sensual adventure, evoking a summer spent in Goa, the region in southern India known for seducing visitors with stunning beaches, white sand, and a feeling of relaxed warmth."

Fragrance notes: Alphonso Mango, Blood Orange, Watery Blossom, Sweet Primrose, Raspberry, Coconut Cream, Musk, Sandalwood.

Like other summery concoctions by Escada, this one promises to be just as concentrated in sweet notes as a fragrance can possibly muster and you can pull it off.

Prices: $40, $52 and $70 for 1 oz, 1.6 and 3.3 oz of Eau de Toilette (the latter size is an online exclusive.)

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