Marilyn Miglin Zanzi (ca. 2010): Feel Like You're in an Uninhabited Jungle {New Perfume}




marula-fruit-A.jpgMarilyn Miglin has launched a new fragrance called Zanzi. It is inspired by a trip the beauty entrepreneur took to Zanzibar and in particular by a scent which permeated the air wherever she would go without being able to identify it at first. Finally, she was told it was the natural perfume of the Marula fruit of which an oil is extracted and often included in cosmetics recipes and foods...


Miglin has a knack for looking for rare perfume notes to add interest to her compositions. Fo-Ti-Tieng is another example of this approach.

"Embrace the exotic with this exceptional fragrance. Marilyn Miglin Zanzi Eau de Parfum delivers the kind of scent experience you would expect in an uninhabited jungle. Opulent, floral and woodsy, this lush scent is sure to deliver a fragrance adventure. Be daring!"

The perfume opens on a note of Marula fruit which is said to release a caramel scent as in the Amarula Cream liqueur based on the fruit. It is followed by a heart resting on a Bouquet of Bush Lily, Magnolia tree leaves, Cape Honeysuckle, African Daisy and Protea. The base notes linger with Bicolored Iris, Vetiver and Precious Blonde Patchouli.

The name Zanzi explains Marilyn Miglin is also inspired by the sight of tipsy young elephants getting drunk over eating too many fermented Marula fruits.

Miglin's next scent will be inspired by her sojourn in Montenegro.


Price: $28 at a discount on HSN

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  1. Sadly, this smells like Lemon Pledge on me, from application through drydown. Wonder if I got a bad sample? It really smells awful, and is headache-inducing as well. What a disappointment!

    • If it's headache-inducing, it's not for you. Perfumes are meant to uplift you and enhance your daily life. I haven't tried it so I can't say for myself if it's that bad quality. I can say however that I've trashed perfumes that made me feel sick and pronto!

      Chant Wagner

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