Concentré d'Eau de Bonpoint (2011) {New Fragrance}



The lovely children fashion brand Bonpoint has just launched a new line of beauty and bath products for their target customers and are planning to introduce a new variation on their signature scent Eau de Bonpoint created by co-founder Marie-France Cohen's sister Annick Goutal in 1986. The new iteration is called Concentré d'Eau de Bonpoint....


President of the brand Eric Vallat describes the upcoming perfume as "an elixir", "the quintessence of Eau de Bonpoint" and promises that the new packaging will be "chic and very pure."

The original Eau de Bonpoint in edt has notes of bergamot, basil, orange blossom, mandarin, moss. It is meant both for children and their parents. For very young children an Eau de Senteur was designed which is alcohol-free.

While information about the Concentré has yet to be more fully unveiled, the new Bonpoint beauty line itself is said to feature "core organic" floral notes of orange blossom, cotton flower and cherry blossom, the latter in reference to the symbol of the brand.

You can expect to see Concentré d'Eau de Bonpoint on shelves from March 2011.

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