Calvin Klein CK One New 2011 Campaign: Jeans...Underwear...Fragrance {Perfume Images & Ads}



We don't know how they tinkered with the tag line of the new Calvin Klein CK One ad campaign, but somehow, it feels like they probably considered saying Underwear...Jeans...Fragrance in a neat chronological progression from inner to outer wear, and that they finally opted for "Jeans...Underwear...Fragrance."

Seeing "Underwear" and "Fragrance" next to each other kind of creates a comical effect, which would be less the case if the word "Lingerie" had been spotted instead. Fragrance is still, conventionally, a sign of refinement most of the time. The new and first global campaign for CK One is shaking up perceptions a bit. Next, we might be seeing Jeans...Underwear...Socks...Fragrance...


Ck_one_meisel.jpgAnd then also Jeans...Underwear...Socks...Laundry Hamper...Fragrance. The possibilities are almost endless. And it worked, from an advertising standpoint. It grabs your attention thanks to a slightly incongruous detail. Unless it was just the rhythm of the line that worked better. At any rate, we do get the message: United We Stand.

The campaign shot by Steven Meisel was conceptualized by Consulting Creative Director Fabien Baron of Baron + Baron in collaboration with CRK, Calvin Klein’s in-house advertising agency. According to The Moodie Report, "The multi-faceted campaign for ck one will be the largest digital initiative in the company’s history to date."

A dedicated website was set up at which will put emphasis on viral advertising and interactive play. Fans will be invited to join the conversation about CK One on Twitter and Facebook and will be able to post videos themselves adding to the pool of the brand's own videos. 11 languages have been anticipated to speak to consumers who will be able to make purchases on a global e-commerce site.

The emphasis on the digital focus of the campaign is meant to help Calvin Klein reach a younger generation of patrons. "The campaign will be supported with custom mobile applications (iPhone, Android, and Symbian) with exclusive campaign content; global social media integration; and robust AR (Augmented Reality) programmes with cutting edge image recognition technology (no code necessary)."

The cast of ad characters features celebrities who are made to look almost anonymous like a crowd: Dutch model Lara Stone, American musician/performer Cassie Ventura; Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw; Brazilian model/drummer Alice Dellal; British model/musician Pixie Geldof; American singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira; UK-based singer Rita Ora; British model/songwriter Ruby Aldridge; Chinese model Fei Fei Sun; British model Eliza Cummings; Australian model Ajak Deng; Australian model Bambi Northwood-Blyth; Slovenian model/dancer Valerija Kelava; Chinese supermodel Wang Xiao; Tanzanian model Herieth Paul; American model Samantha Gradoville; British boxing champion/Olympic hopeful Robert Evans; British model Aaron Frew; Russian model/rapper Yuri Pleskun; American musician Ian Mellencamp; French model David Agbodji; American street dancer Eric Ramos; British model Callum Wilson; British model/dancer Jackson Blyton Megran; Swedish artist Viggo Janason; Dutch/Irish model/performer Piet Vander Heijden; Dutch actor/dancer Steven van Nieuwenburg; Japanese student/singer Tomo Aki Kurata; American producer/musician Robert Booker; American model Bo Ackerman; British model and steel drummer Kyle Bethelmy Forde; Spanish model River Viiperi; and, Swedish model Dan Kling.

Via The Moodie Report

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