Valentine's Day Rising: Dr. Bach Philtre d'Amour aux Fleurs de Bach (2011), Findhorn Essence Eros {Perfume Shopping Tips of the Day}


philtre_amour_fleurs_bach.jpgIn the countdown to V-Day, short for Valentine's Day, you might want to consider the properties of natural floral essences to foster love. Fleurs de Bach just introduced a new Philtre d'Amour aux Fleurs de Bach which tastes just right for the occasion...


flowers_love_1280x800_72798 (1).jpg

No fairy dust here, but rather a reminder of what moral qualities love rests upon. Reportedly, hawthorn makes you be more attentive to the needs of the other; larch renews your self-confidence; gentian makes you see the positive aspects of life.

This is an elixir to be ingested.

Price: 29€,


Findhorn_Flower_Essence_Eros.jpgFindorn Essence Eros is another floral essences blend from Scotland:

"Eros can assist in arousing and heightening sexual sensitivity, passion and pleasure. United in love with respect for the duality of male and female, opposites unite and synthesise their energies in compassionate, loving intimacy, ecstatic awareness and mutual pleasure."

"Elder helps to reveal and radiate one’s true beauty, vibrancy and vitality
* Balsam brings the experience of intimacy, and of loving and nurturing the physical body
* Gorse stimulates enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment
* Grass of Parnassus promotes openness, tenderness, sensitivity and sharing
* Rose Alba encourages potent, creative self expression
* Sea Pink balances and harmonises the energy flow between opposites
* Sycamore helps to tap inner reserves of strength, softness and flexibility
* Holy Thorn opens the heart to love and acceptance and compassionate loving intimacy"

Price: 21€,;

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