Baby Gaga is Latest Ice-Cream Flavor in Town {Fragrant Recipes & Taste Notes}


Baby Gaga is the latest ice-cream flavor in town in London and might be or might not be inspired by Lady Gaga's voluntarily bizarre stage persona. That's at least what founder of The Icecreamists Matt O'Connor is trying to say at a time when Lady Gaga is threatening to sue him for unfair use of her name (and apparently also of her image)...


The Icrecreamists is an edgy ice-cream parlor, which looks more like an experimental workshop and the antechamber to the Tower of London, in its gory days. And no, they did not create an ice-cream based on the scent of Lady Gaga's blood, like for her upcoming 2012 perfume, but it's pretty much in that same line of inspiration .

Baby Gaga is an ice-cream made out of 75% human breast milk and it's been reportedly selling like hot cakes. In fact, they are always out of stock.

"...O'Connor thinks it's telling that the people who've already sampled this milk of human kindness have been mothers "who wanted to see what breast milk tastes like."

To be honest, it depends on whose milk they're sampling.

"The taste varies enormously, based on how long a woman has been lactating and her diet in general. Its viscosity is more watery than cow's milk and it's sweeter," he said.

Each serving of Baby Gaga sells for around $22 U.S., and O'Connor compares the experience -- and the price -- to that of gourmet cheese

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