Paper-Flavored Syrup for Your Gin, the Recipe by Remy Savage {Fragrant Recipes & Taste Notes}


French mixologist Rémy Savage has created a paper-flavored syrup based gin cocktail called Paper Anniversary after visiting an ancient paper mill turned distillery in Hampshire where he was struck by the confluence of these two smells...


"When you go and visit the place, it has that old paper smell," he told ABC News of his visit to the distillery. "So I was really relieved because I didn't come prepared, and I had the idea to make a drink obviously highlighting the gin, but also tasting like paper."

"The real challenge was trying to find something that could taste and smell like paper - without using any paper, because that's obviously going to be disgusting," he added.

In a rare gesture of transparent disclosure, Savage is giving out his recipe for the paper-flavored syrup. It includes vanilla pods, as paper smells a bit vanillic when it ages due to the presence of Lignin, which is related to vanilla.

For the paper syrup:

550g caster sugar
500ml water
2 vanilla pods
60ml Martini Bianco
30ml of a smokey, peaty whiskey
3g dried gentiane root
15g clean fresh cut grass
Cooking Directions

To make the paper syrup: Gently heat the sugar, water and vanilla until the sugar dissolves. Let the mixture cool, then add the remaining ingredients. Leave it to infuse for 24 hours, then filter. Stir all ingredients and serve.

A variant of the recipe description is below:

For 800ml
550g caster sugar
500ml of delicious parisian water
2 vanilla pods
Cook gently until it the sugar is disolve
When cold add
60ml of suze
30ml of laphroaig 10yrs
3g of dried gentiane root
15g of clean fresh cut grass
Let infused for 24h
Filter and

You need

1,5cl paper syrup
1 drop Little Red Door solution

The Little Red Door solutuin is apparently secret though.

The rest of the cocktail recipe can be found here and drank at the Little Red Door cocktail bar in Paris.

Paper has been made into fragrances before and in particular in a perfume by Karl Lagerfeld with Paper Passion. It has not been explored as a flavoring ingredient, to our knowledge.

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