Karl Lagerfeld + Steidl Paper Passion by Geza Schön (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}



Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with his publisher Steidl to create a perfume inspired by the smell of books called Paper Passion. A well-known bibliophile who owns around 300 000 books, Lagerfeld readily confesses that he cannot refrain from buying more tomes. His passion has even pushed him to be the owner of a book store and a publishing house in Paris located at 7, rue de Lille, both known under the name 7L. Steidl and Lagerfeld plan to open another bookstore in New York City soon. A tentative name is Word and Image...


Paper Passion was created by Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schön who is known for his experimental streak and for being the author of the iconoclastic Escentric Molecule series. Steidl reportedly sent the nose both printed and unprinted paper to help him capture the idea of a perfume inspired by books. Schön has already revealed that Paper Passion contains a fatty nuance.

The fragrance will be sold encased within a hard-cover book entitled Paper Passion. The creators see the packaging concept as a throwback to the times when British aristocrats liked to hide their whiskey in hollowed books.

French fashion label Zadig et Voltaire offered in 2009 a book-perfume called Tome 1 La Pureté -- see review (they have an upcoming new scent.)

Indie perfumer CB I Hate perfume has a scent called In the Library.

There have been replicas of library scents in the past, but one can expect this collaboration to be particularly state-of-the-art and passionately involved.

Via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; Kreiszeitung

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