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More details have surfaced about the upcoming debut fragrance by designer Elie Saab which had been announced back in September 2009. The name has not been unveiled yet but the inspiration has. The jus will be reportedly inspired by the country of origin of the fashion designer, Lebanon, and is evocative of his childhood. Saab said,

"One finds in it a trace of childhood. There are always smells that hang onto memory such as orange blossoms, or the jasmine that grew around the house. I am a Mediterranean. While creating this perfume I thought a lot about my childhood memories. I like the naïve aspect of things." ...


He further confessed that he could not think of creating a fragrance that would not reflect who he is. At the same time, he has also taken into consideration the collective taste of his clients whom he thinks are characterized by their cosmopolitanism.

The perfumer who actually created the perfume is nose Francis Kurkdjian, the author of Classique, Le Mâle but also the perfume of Marie-Antoinette by Château de Versailles. In an interesting twist of events, when asked by Vogue what perfume he would like to create, Kurkdjian said that he would love to do one for Kate Middleton. Then the nose added that he thought that his upcoming Elie Saab scent would be perfect for her as it reflects her unique blend of warmth and freshness.

Expect to discover Elie Saab bottled from July 2011. Now you know it might also smell like a perfect and invisible fit for Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

You can check other perfumery efforts motivated by the royal wedding here.

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