Axe Excite (2011): Angels Fall, Break their Haloes & Here's Why {Fragrance Review}


excite_Axe_fragrance.jpgExcite Body Spray is the latest fragrance launched by Axe with the tag line "Even the nicest girls sin when tempted." According to the overall theme of the brand, Axe should be your number one perfume of seduction. This time, as seen in their new commercial below, Excite is so irresistible, angels fall from the sky attracted by its scent then shatter their haloes to pieces in front of a man wearing Excite.

"New Axe Excite is an alluring, woody fragrance that hooks girls on the first encounter. Developed by world renowned fragrance experts, Axe Excite combines a seductive blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel scents that evolve into a sexy, lingering aroma."...

To my nose, Excite is a warm woody oriental perfume with a lot of dark plum and gourmand, creamy accents. The woods are both sweet and dry. As a guy told me, he can smell the ocean in it. It reminded him of something rum-y like a strawberry Mojito.  If you enjoy Hugo Boss, then Axe Excite is a body-spray riff on it, with more spices and sweetness. It's more low-key as the scent was made to leave just a discreet trace on the skin.

I don't know, but it seems to me that girls would not shun the idea of wearing this perfume on their skin either, thanks to the coconut. It's drier though than what is typical for a girly fragrance. This is to make sure that despite its sweet accents, the scent still feels masculine.

Check out the new Axe Excite commercial, they're always fun,


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  1. I always love to put on fragrance for special occasions. If I want to feel sexy, I put on a sexy scent. It's like it is me, but better...This may not make sense, but not everything does... Hope this is okay for the draw. Thanks for the chance.

    Alice C