Kim Cattrall's Secrets To Staying Sexy At Any Age {Beauty Notes}


by Megan McIntyre

To say that Kim Cattrall knows sexy is like saying a fish knows how to swim--it just doesn't do justice to her innate ability to inhabit her sensuality. The 54-year-old actress spent the last decade as one of TV's most sexualized characters on HBO's Sex And The City. When we got the chance to sit down with Kim, who is the new face of Olay's Total Effects anti-aging body line, we got the scoop on how she continues to look so amazing....


The soft-spoken star says women need to get rid of the notion that sexy means over-the-top. "I always think that less is more," she says. "There's a point where you look in the mirror and say 'Is this too much?' and if you even have that inclination than it usually is."

"I don't want to wear 4 ½ inch heels any more--I did my time and I enjoyed it, but I don't really want to wear things up my cooch. That doesn't mean you have to stick within a very narrow corridor of what suits you. It's a real balance of finding your comfort level and also something that represents you, but at the same time mix it up occasionally. Have fun with fashion--it's an expression of yourself."

"When I see someone who I think is sexy, they're not trying too hard. There's a contentment there. The thing I love about getting older is a real sense of self and honoring that and being good to that part of me."

Of course, we had to find out some of Kim's best-kept beauty secrets. "I love a good eyelash curler because I have long eyelashes, thank God, but I really like a curl. It opens up my eye and I have big eyes so I want to accentuate that. When my lashes aren't curled, I think I look tired."

While she loves a well-done red lip for dramatic impact, she thinks women of a certain age need to be careful when it comes to dark lip looks. "Other than the red, I don't like deep, dark colors like purple because they go into that hard territory. I think the older you get, the softer you should go with your makeup."

Kim also thinks that women need to educate themselves on how to care for their skin. Explaining that an anti-aging skin care regimen should encompass your whole body, not just your face, Kim says,"I have very fair, sensitive skin, so I have to be really careful. You really have to respect and not abuse what you've been given naturally. I love to do exfoliating, not just my face, but my body too. I've used body scrubs before, but most have been over-drying or over-hydrating--really oily. I really like the Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash in Exfoliate And Replenish because it has a moisturizer in it, so I am exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. My skin looks healthier and feels younger."

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