Yves Rocher Jardin des Nymphes (2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition} {Perfume Review}


Yves Rocher launched a new limited-edition Eau de Toilette for summer 2011 called Jardin des Nymphes (Garden of the Nymphs.) It is housed in the same kind of bottle as that of Eau de Toilette Naturelle which resembles a pebble.

Little information is put forth regarding the notes, but we are told in the ad copy that it is a perfume "full of contrasts which envelops you with its floral and aquatic notes. Waves of aromas make your summer vibrate / feel vibrant (my translation)..."...


Having smelled it briefly in the crowded atmosphere of a store located on a high-traffic street, I can tell you that this light and fresh fruity-floral reveals a significant lychee facet and a citrusy-fruity note of what might be kumquat. The fragrance seemed surprisingly fleeting but could only be a subtle, downplayed scent overpowered by the ambiance of a boutique and a thoroughfare.

What I am more certain of is that the drydown is disappointingly generic with as much ambition to break the mold as a tired car freshener. It's a limited-edition and it was made in such a manner as to make sure that only a minority would be offended by it - the ones that insist on having artistic pretentions - or will regret it once it's withdrawn from the shelves. Intensely forgettable except for the nice lychee accord which plays up the nostalgic memory of an opened can of lychees bought in Chinatown and left to cool in the refrigerator.

The fragrance is launched together with a makeup collection.

A 100 ml spray bottle is priced at 16,90€.

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