Balenciaga L'Essence (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Fragrance}


Balenciaga_L'essence_Gainsbourg.jpgThe house of Balanciaga will release a new women's perfume from September 1, 2011 called L'Essence. The scent ties in with the previous re-entry of Balenciaga in the world of perfume with Balenciaga Paris in 2010 borrowing its violet leaf note and blending it with a new vetiver note. To emphasize the green thematic of the fragrance, L'Essence is presented in an emerald-colored flacon and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg continues to personify the house's perfumes...


The advert specifies, "As worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg," while artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, who is friends with the icon for the perfume, stresses that L'Essence feels like an invitation to get closer to Charlotte Gainsbourg's skin.

The project feels like it is taking one step further in the direction of offering the fragrance as a celebrity perfume. Gainsbourg is not just its face anymore but lends her skin and intimacy to the legitimization of the creation of the jus.

Ghesquière underlines the fact that the composition is full of "wonderful contradictions", like Gainsbourg herself. He also wanted to reveal some hitherto unknown aspects of the actress which have recently appeared in some of her more difficult artistic choices and which he discovered himself.

You can watch a making-of the commercial,

Via Le Parisien

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