Costume National Pop Collection (2011): Ennio Capasa Styles it Pop Chic {New Fragrance}

Costume_National_Pop_Collection.jpgCostume National have launched a fashion-y collection of pop-art referencing bottles of perfume housing just one composition dressed in four different colors. The fragrance is signed by nose Dominique Ropion. The idea comes from a series of four bold outfits that brand co-founder Ennio Capasa designed for OK GO!. Capasa explained,

"The inspiration for this collection comes from the work I did a few months ago for the band OK GO! Four sartorial outfits, each of them in a different primary color, creating a look that is minimal and pop at the same time. They were very successful and I found them exciting. This collection is pop chic: my shapes and fabrics are presented in very unexpected chromatisms, separated in blocks of strong colored outfits. More than ever this season has a sartorial feel, while remaining cool”...


Costume National say about the perfume creation process that "The outstanding quality of the ingredients, together with the extraordinary ability in bringing out the unusual features of traditional perfumery raw materials, have enabled Ropion to create a charming and familiar olfactory trail that plays with bright colours and lively nuances."

Pop Collection Eau de Parfum opens on "joyful and energizing" top notes of pink grapefruit, bittersweet raspberry pulp, blackcurrant absolute.

The heart rests on an a priori super classical rose-and-jasmine accord. I would wager that this is where the high quality ingredients are showcased as it is one of the strategies of perfumers to offer maximal effect to a tiny percentage of luxury materials.

The lingering notes are patchouli heart, ambergris, Cashmeran. Patchouli heart is also known as patchoulol and is fractioned patchouli, i.e., restyled patchouli to use its most interesting facets for perfumery, without its more unwelcome "noisy" and "heavy" aspects. Perfumer Dominique Ropion also used it for composing Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady.

costume_national_pop_collection_blue.jpg"The eau de parfum is pop-chic dressed. Just like in the Woman Fashion Collection the bottle is painted turquoise, orange, red and blue. The colour is hidden by a soft touch white box, on which four embossed squares foreshadow the surprise on the inside: you never know what colour is waiting for you, you will find it out just when you open the box! You cannot help looking for the next colour and recreate your own collection!"


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