David Beckham Homme Takes Inspiration from a Fantasy Black Dahlia (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne} {Celebrity Perfume}

Homme_David_Beckham_ad.jpgCoty Beauty have launched the latest David Beckham perfume called Homme. The company see the new fragrance as a return to the masculine roots of the brand and as a strategic launch.

The image of the soccer star has been revamped with an ambitious commercial borrowing sleek, imaginary-architecture codes from the movie industry, a bit in the line of Inception. A dedicated website has been set up complete with didactic explanations about perfumery ingredients as well as a perfumer video featuring the nose behind the scent, Pierre Negrin of Firmenich...

beckham_homme_black_dahlia.jpgWhile DB Homme is about more masculinity, it makes the statement at the same time that virility is not incompatible with a key floral inspiration, black dahlia, which reportedly serves as a creative hook as it is actually scentless,

"The Aztecs gathered and cultivated the dahlia for food, ceremonies and also for decorative purposes. There are at least 36 species of dahlia. Dahlias are common garden flowers with an ornate and layered petal structure. Black Dahlia has an image of "Fatal Flower" but has no fragrance. Dahlia and especially black dahlias often inspire perfumers who can imagine olfactive interpretations of the flower."

Pierre Negrin adds that other sources of inspiration were the personality of David Beckham, his looks, as well as a piece of raw wood which he sculptured into something elegant.

Fragrance notes are: top: pink grapefruit, ginger, pine and Sichuan pepper; Heart: cashmere wood, leather and rosemary; Base: mahogany wood, patchouli and skin musk.

Eaux de toilette are available in three sizes: 0.5 oz. for $17.83, 1 oz. for $25 and 1.7 oz. for $33.

You can watch the commercial which was shot in L.A. and is directed by Anthony Mandler,

The David Beckam Fragrances site has been turned into a dedicated site.

See also another scent inspired by black dahlia this fall, Givenchy Black Dahlia

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