Dolce & Gabbana No.21 Le Fou, No.14 La Tempérance (2011) {New Fragrances}

temperance_fou_dolce_gabbana.jpgDolce & Gabbana will introduce two new perfumes in the D & G Anthology Collection inspired by the Belgian Tarot game from the end of September 2011. They are called No. 21 Le Fou and No.14 La Tempérance...


No. 21 Le Fou is an Oriental fougère men's fragrance and features notes of bergamot, juniper berries, gingerbread, and fern. It addresses itself to men who are unconventional, carefree and spontaneous.

No. 14 La Tempérance is a woody musky feminine scent with notes of ambrette seeds, iris, pink peppercorn, wood, musk. It embodies the resolution of a tension between two opposing forces. According to the brand, it is meant for women who are balanced, moderate and harmonious.

The concentrations are eau de toilette. Prices: 39,90€ and 56,10€.

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