Giveaway for 6 Bottles of Keith Urban Phoenix Fragrance {Contests & Giveaways} {Celebrity Perfume}

phoenix_bottle_keith_urban.jpgWe're organizing a giveaway for 6 free bottles of the new and debut fragrance by Keith Urban, Phoenix (see review). While the scent is pegged as a masculine concoction, we want to remind our feminine readership that we think it has unisex appeal...


All you need to do is leave a comment about Keith Urban, men's colognes, perfume, your favorite smells, country music, plums, leather... anything you wish really. 6 winners will be picked at random via

The giveaway is open until Thursday October 13, 2011, in a week.

The sign-up is open to North-America-based readers only please.One entry per contestant please.

Good luck!

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  1. A cleaned up MKK? Leather with floral undertones? Sold! I have to try to win this! :)

    Originally, I was the only one in my relationship who really loved fragrances, but my husband has gotten into it as well. He has cute, haiku-like reviews (TF Santal Blush - an old box of crayola crayons, melted and oily) and often can smell a perfume and name the notes. Not too shabby, eh?

    He's wearing a few things these days: Terre d'Hermes, Bang, Ambre Nuit. Everything smells good on him. This sounds right up his alley (and I love leather!)

  2. My favorite scent is A*Men by Thierry Mugler. It has been my favorite fragrance for a very long time, and I love it so much. My mom used to wear Angel by Thierry Mugler when I was a little kid, so A*Men brings memories back to me, because it reminds me so much of Angel. Even though I am a male, I LOVE gourmand fragrances. Blue Sugar, A*Men, and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin are some of my favorites. My favorite song of Keith Urban is "Sweet Thing". I used to love that song. His fragrance also sounds amazing. It's rare and hard to find plum in male fragrances. But, thanks for this great giveaway!

    Jernero Edwards
  3. Awesome giveaway! My honey is a cologne collector of sorts, and I've been eyeing the new Keith Urban for him. This would make an awesome xmas gift :) thanks!

    Chelsey Bishop
  4. I've recently gotten into fragrances because of my wife, and we love leather scents on me. I would love to try this out (on both of us) and see how we take to it (and it to us).

  5. i love keith urban. love his music. love his cologne. love country everything, rednecks, and im in a new fairy tale relationship and i had eyes for him for 29 yrs. and he found me on facebook! i moved 3800 miles to live life with him! i love when my man where's cologne! love when he sings country music! our 1 yr anniversary is on oct. 22nd and would love to give him this cologne as a token of my love and then smell it on him many nights!

    kari stinnett
  6. This new fragrance is phenomenal! My husband isn't much for celebrity fragrances, but he loves it as well. It has a natural scent to it - strong without being overpowering. Of course, nothing is better than smelling it on Keith himself!

  7. First of all, Keith Urban rocks! I couldn't wait to get a whiff of this cologne. I am female, and I started wearing it myself. I love it, so do the ladies in my office. They often ask to sniff me! LOL.. This is a very sexy romantic fragrance! I love it! And my bottle is almost empty so.. hint hint! :oP

  8. I love Keith Urban, his music and the type of person he is. The cologne Phoenix is a Beautiful scent of combinations of different things ,the smell is awesome subtle but at the same time bold. I bought it for my husband and he loved it and he is very picky when it comes to colognes. It reminds me of keith he can be subtle quiet yet bold and in your face. It is like his concerts the quiet songs and then the full out rock and roll .A real great combination!

    Louise Serra
  9. Do not know what this fragrance smells like, but I love Keith Urban. His music and of course his looks. Would love to know what his cologne smells like. My husband loves his music as well. Right now my favorite cologne for men (My husbands favorite as well) is Acqua Di Gio.

    Cristina W.
  10. Love Keith Urban and his lift your spirits music. I haven't tried his cologn yet. I'd sure like to.

  11. This would be great to win! I love Keith and would be thrilled to try out this cologne on the men in my life. My husband, sons and my brother. Christmas shopping is almost taken care of!!

  12. I love this cologne! I bought a bottle for my husband but I spray it everywhere..sheets, car!
    First smelled it in June when I met Keith Urban and was in heaven! I would love to win another bottle cause ours is almost gone!

    Carmella F
  13. Was thrilled to meet Keith backstage at one of his shows, and he was wearing this cologne. He was sweet enough to let me have a sniff, and it is fabulous! Would love to win a bottle to bring back "memories of us"!

  14. I think this is one of the most informative and interesting websites on fragrances on the internet! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! It's nice of you to say so.

      Chant Wagner
  15. Love Keith Urban and natural, subtle fragrances. From what Keith said, it took quite a long time to get all the scents they wanted to make this colonge. From what I hear, it was worth the wait and I would love to try a bottle. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Elaine Thorp
  16. Got a sample of this from his fan club and LOVE it. It smells as good as he does!

  17. I haven't had the pleasure of smelling Keith's cologne yet, but I know he has exquisite taste in fragrances so I would love to win a bottle! It sounds yummy! That man has smelled amazing both times I've met him. I've been a fan for years ( 30+ concerts and another next weekend!)....he is a class act both personally and professionally. Best of luck Keith on this new endeavor!

  18. As anyone knows who has met Keith, he always wears an incredible cologne, and it's exciting that this is something that is totally his creation and preference. I can't wait to smell it!

    Susan Perney
    • Just wanted to say that from the vantage point of a fragrance blogger it's quite extraordinary to see confirmed Keith Urban's reputation as the Amazing Smelling Man.

      Chant Wagner
  19. I cannot wait to get Keith's new cologne, Phoenix for my husband! I was lucky enough to meet Keith backstage recently and after a brief hug the scent of his cologne lingered on my shirt for the rest of the night. Its definitely one of those fragrances you just can't get enough of!

    Lisa Hamedani
  20. Keith Urban is the best musician out there right now. He never disappoints, and I can't imagine his fragrance disappointing either. I like a light scent, nothing overpowering, and from what I've read, this sounds perfect. Can't wait to smell it.

    Jenny C
  21. Keith Urban is my favorite artist, his music is amazing and his concerts are over the top FANTASTIC! I had the privilege to meet him this Summer and he is just as sweet and nice in person as he is gorgeous and he smells WONDERFUL! I just wanted to lean in for an extra few whiffs without being rude, lol. Would love to win some for my Hubby and Sons, thanks.

    Janie King
  22. Adore Keith and his music! Would love to give his new cologne as a gift to my husband! I understand he smells really good

    Dawn Austin
  23. I've had a chance to smell Phoenix by Keith Urban and I think it's amazing. I want to get it for every man in my family, plus one for me!

  24. Can't wait to see if this cologne smells as good as Keith does!

    Nicki T
  25. I love Keith Urban.I did get close enough to him this tour to know what ever fragrance he had on smelled very good.I would love to have some of his new fragrance !!

  26. My hubby & I are huge Keith Urban fans!!! I'd love a bottle of Phoenix!!!

    Karen Marrs
  27. gotta get me some of this scent.... I hear it is amazing. Someday somehow gonna be able to smell this.... praying for a win.

    Bobbi Jo Davis
  28. I would love to wear some Keith Urban created fragrance. Anything to do with that hotness has gotta be good.

    Thank you!

    LJ Stubbs
  29. Phoenix is one of my newest favorite scents. I have NEVER been big on men's cologne but I bought a bottle of Phoenix and my husband loves it and I cannot stop smelling him. Such an awesome sweet sexy scent. I cannot wait for the women's version.

  30. My favorite smell is vanilla. It reminds me of my mother and all the cookies she baked for us kids. She lived to 89 and still loved to bake.

    Kathy Davis
  31. I'd love to try it. Maybe it could help finally get a girlfriend like Nicole.

  32. If Phoenix is as good as Keith's music, then you know it's going to be great. I'd love to win a bottle for my sweetie.

  33. My wife bought me Phoenix as a gift. I am a tad fussy when it comes to colognes but this one is a keeper. It is bold but at the same time subtle. I already have recieved comments when I wear it.

    Louis P Serra
  34. Keith Urban's music is amazing. He smells awesome! I have not seen Phoenix in the stores yet, hoping to soon! I have seen the samples, awesome smell! thanks for the chance to win! Can't wait to see Keith again and again, he is amazing live!! Thanks Keith for being so amazingly entertaining!

    Carla Taylor
  35. I am a long time Keith Urban fan and I'd love to win a bottle of his new cologne!

  36. Maybe guys will feel some strength to rise up and aim for new goals when they wear Phoenix. All the other things Keith produces are powerful and optimistic, I'm sure this will be another great venture.

  37. Keith has the unique ability to put heart and soul in his music. You feel the words come to life,i.e. when he speaks of a deep love you feel how deeply he is in love. So Phoenix represents the same passion as his songs. When you first smell it on your love, it melts you into a place of warmth, romance and tenderness. As the hours go on the scent mellows into a sensual feeling. Your partner and you will come together in a fire lighted room, surrounded by your favorite chocolates, flowers and come closer together. That is what Phoenix makes you feel like, just like in Keith's music you can relate the experiences of life!

    Lynne Jolley
  38. I love a man who smells like the woods on a cool Fall day. Kind of musky yet sensual. Would love to win a bottle of Phoenix for my man.

  39. Phoenix

    P lacing
    H eart
    O nto
    E very
    N iche
    I s
    X -cellent!!!!!

    Constance Gulley
  40. Keith Urban is the best smelling man on this planet. So when HE designs a cologne it's got to be good! And it is!

  41. The thing about Keith Urban, besides him being an awesome singer/song writer and performer and a crazy talented musician, is that he is unique and authentic. I imagine his cologne is just as wonderful as he is! I would like to say that I would give the cologne to my husband or son, but I just might keep it for myself!

    Barbara Hamill
  42. I love Keith Urban and his music. And from the small test a friend let me have I love the new cologne Phoenix! Keith Urban is soooo wonderful!

    Meri Ross
  43. Great name and a nice, simple bottle. Very curious to smell this. I have yet to see it in the stores.

  44. I love Keith Urban!!!! I'm actually trying to make a commercial for his cologne and I would love to actually have the product in it. I'm not sure what else to say in this comment except that I LOVE KEITH URBAN!!! Oh wait I think I already mentioned that.

  45. Love Keith Urban and his music-this cologne should be great also.

    Elaine R

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