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The new masculine scent from Yves Rocher is called Ambre Noir (Black Amber). It just launched in France, where it started its international roll-out... 

 It was created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud who also did1 Million by Paco RabanneKarleidoscope by Karl LagerfeldL'Autre Ôud by Lancôme, among others.

If you would like to try your luck at winning a brand new bottle of it, you can do so if you follow us on Twitter and leave an answer to the following questions in the blog comments section: "What is the most masculine fragrance you know of?" or "What is your favorite men's cologne?"

The winner picked by will be announced on Twitter and the blog and will receive a brand new 100 ml bottle of Ambre Noir eau de toilette.

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  1. My answer is actually the same for each question. Drakkar Noir. My first true love (a long time ago!) wore it and it will always make me think of masculinity. It's still my favorite men's cologne to this day!

    Susan Audrey
  2. It's funny, I'm always thinking that since I'm one of the least masculine men I know it's weird that I only own one "women's" fragrance, Balenciaga L'Essence, and even then it's something I got for free, though I adore it all the same. That said, I haven't really spent a lot of time wearing particularly masculine scents. I suppose Fahrenheit comes to mind because leather seems masculine to me. My favorite masculine scent would probably be something like Guerlain Derby.

  3. My favourite male cologne is Infusion d'homme by Prada. Love the refreshing scent!

  4. I remember some of the Polo stuff from the 90s as the most "masculine" because growing up my uncles would wear them...

    On my perfume shelf, I'd say Santal 33 is the most "masculine"... that or Platinum Egoiste


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