Guerlain will Launch Le Bolshoi to Celebrate End of Renovation of Historical Theater (2011) {New Fragrance - Luxury - Limited Edition}

GUERLAIN_Le_BOLSHOI.jpgA limited-edition perfume by Guerlain called Le Bolshoi sold at only 400 copies will be released on October 27, 2011, a day before the official ceremony marking the end of the most important renovation project the legendary Bolshoï theater in Moscow has undergone since its foundation in 1824.

Guerlain as one of the sponsors of the restoration, which is said to be mostly funded by money from the federal government, wanted to contribute further, and quite naturally for them, with a perfumed homage...

Somehow this association feels natural as the classic Guerlain fragrances correspond so well to the Russian taste for opulent florientals which are really a perfect match for their long winters and fur fashion. 

The fragrance will be available at the Tsum department store at the corner of Maison Guerlain.

The composition is said to be signed by perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain. Notes include: bitter orange, petitgrain, neroli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, violet, vanilla, tonka, incense, white musks. The incense note is meant to be a nod to the Orthodox church ritual.

The Russian text likes to recall the link with the original 19th century Jicky to explain the choice of the flacon which has more recently been the bottle of choice for Guerlain's luxurious limited-editions.

Price: 18 500 Russian Rubles or $566 at current exchange rate.


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