Lancôme Launch New Curated Collection Les Parfums Exclusifs (2011) {New Fragrances}

lancôme_exclusifs.jpgLancôme are revealing a patrimonial mind-set this fall of 2011 with the launch of a new collection of perfumes which makes room for three re-editions from their archives. They are  Peut-Être a women's perfume introduced first in 1937 which was also re-introduced in 2008 (see review); Balafre, a men's scent which originally launched in 1967; Mille et Une Roses, a fragrance meant to celebrate the new millenium and launched in 1999, with a later re-edition as well...


Peut-Être is presented as a floral fragrance inspired by a French garden and focusing on a lilac-jasmine accord.

Mille et Une Roses, whose first name was "2000 et une Rose" keeps its futuristic color blue to offer an offbeat visual counterpoint to the idea of a rose perfume.

Balafre makes a comeback from the tumultous end of the 1960s with a geranium and galbanum accord.

Price: 150€

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