Top 12 Best New Department Store Fragrances of 2011 for the Holidays {Perfume List}

The_Women_Perfume_Counter.jpgHere is our Top 12 Best Fragrances picks amongst the new, recently-introduced department store fragrances for a last minute shopping spree. They are all worthy of being on your shopping list and can be offered in all confidence as being the most interesting and/or qualitative of the crop. We think that for a scent to be just-out-of-the-gates adds a festive, fashionable character to a perfume gift. You can say "It's the latest..."

We kept to the department-store counter selection for purposes of practical convenience.  They would make it even on a list including confidential, niche brands.


annick_goutal_mon_parfum_cheri.jpgAnnick Goutal Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille

For an old-school, qualitative feel, especially in the Eau de Parfum version. Dark, plummy, velvety and iris-y (see review)...


balenciaga_essence.jpgBalenciaga L'Essence

A masterful and beautiful fruity and milky-creamy scent leather for women.


Bottega_Veneta_fragrance.jpgBottega Veneta

An ethereal, airy leather fragrance. When the scent of a leather bag turns into a gossamer material (see review).





Boucheron Eau de Parfum

Remastered, it smells of a grand, operatic armful of heady and honeyed white florals kissed, nay, smacked by civet.

Burberry-Body-perfume_2.jpgBurberry Body

For an update on the English rose perfume, which comes freshened up by green absinthe and a few other twists (see review).


diane_von_furstenberg_2.jpgDiane Von Fustenberg

For a qualitative, classical variation on the elegant chypre perfume genre in the lineage of Sisley Eau du Soir, Soir de Lune and Clinique Aromatics Elixir. The eau de toilette is more watery and delicate, the eau de parfum more velvety and opulent (see review.)

kenzo-madly.jpgKenzo Madly Kenzo!

For a discreetly gourmand incursion into a Japanese tea house wafting of flour-dusted mochis and frequented by arty types wearing Kenzo and Comme des Garçons garbs (see review.)

narciso_rodriguez_for_her_in_color.jpgNarciso Rodriguez for Her in Color

The juice remains its perennial, great self with some added vanilla absolute, while its limited-edition fuschia glass-encased bottle is to die for. A synesthetic reminder.

Prada_Candy.pngPrada Candy

The aloofness and aristocratic airs of iris root are made more approachable and newly endowed with a sense of humor, yet still classic, thanks to a perfectly dosed sweet caramel.

Eau_Ikar_Sisley.jpgSisley Eau d'Ikar

A balanced, non-stereotypical and qualitative men's perfume is always to be sought out. Feels like an instant classic.

Mugler_taste_fragrance.jpgThierry Mugler The Taste of Fragrance - Le Goût du Parfum Collection

For your foodie friends and relatives, pick one in the collection: Angel Cacao (see review), Alien Caramel, Womanity wirth fig chutney, or A*Men with red chili peppers.

Tom_Ford_Violet_Blonde.jpgTom Ford Violet Blonde

For a return to bold perfume, with a strong signature statement -- Yes, even and especially for the legendarily shy violet which stops shrinking for once (see review.)

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    • You know, that's a great idea! I need to implement a printable-form functionality to make things more practical.

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