By Kilian Amber Oud (2012) {New Fragrance}

Amber_Oud_By_Kilian_ok.jpgBy Kilian will launch their fourth Arabian Nights perfume in March of 2012 called Amber Oud. The composition is inspired by the Greek myth of the Heliades explaing the origins of resin amber.

Upon the death of their brother Phaedon, his sisters the Heliades were so bitterly struck by sadness that they shed endless tears and turned into black poplars. Their tears continued to stream down the branches of the trees, falling into the Eridan as amber drops of tears which women from the Latium then used to adorn themselves....

It is that amber, which, we are told, is both the fruit of despair and a natural material destined to become jewelry which guided the creative process for the fragrance.

Amber Oud is also said to be a soft, warm and sensual Oriental composition. It is a "deconstructed/reconstructed amber" thanks to the animalic character of a dark kind of oud. Other notes include an overdose of Madagascan vanilla, Laotian benzoin, Atlas cedar wood, Pimenta Racemosa essence.

Prices: 50 ml spray bottle: 295€; 50 ml refill: 125€; 30 ml travel spray: 145€.

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