Jardin de France Etoffes de Parfum are Inspired by the Spirit of Haute Couture (2011) {New Fragrances}

etoffes_parfums.jpgJardin de France Est. 1920, have launched a new collection of five Eaux de Parfum entitled Etoffes de Parfum, which are inspired by the spirit of Haute Couture. It is a step-up from their usual offerings which focus on Eaux de Cologne and Eaux de Toilette with, in particular, some very nice vintage-smelling eaux de cologne housed in retro faceted bottles in the Saphir Cologne collection.

The three feminine scents are Tentation Dentelle, Soie Sage, Coeur de Velours and the two masculine ones are Urban Tweed and Dur à Cuir...

Each composition is called after a type of material: lace, silk, velvet, tweed and leather. The flacons are decorated with couture dummies and accessorized with pendants.

Tentation Dentelle (Lace Temptation) is a fruity oriental. It's dedicated to ultra feminine, refined women, who are sensual to the point of intoxication...

Notes: Plum, bergamot, orchid, lace veil, delicate incense, precious amber, tonka bean, chic wood / Prune, bergamote, orchidée, voile de dentelle, encens délicat, ambre précieux, fève de tonka, bois chic.

Soie Sage (Well-Behaved Silk/ Be Nice) is a powdery floral meant for women who are romantic, precious, subtly enigmatic. 

Notes: bergamot, pepper, pink peppercorn, delicate rose, jasmine, violet, rice powder, white musk. / Bergamote, poivre, baies roses, rose délicate, jasmin, violette, vanille, poudre de riz, musc blanc.

Coeur de Velours (Heart of Velvet) is an ambery vanillic composition destined to elegant women who love luxury, voluptuousness, and who are langorous and sensual.

Notes: Jasmine, frangipani, vanilla, rice powder, amber, patchouli. /Jasmin, fleur de frangipanier, vanille, poudre de riz, ambre, patchouli.

Urban Tweed is a woody oriental for cosmopolitan men who show their personalities without taboos, with a lot of charm and boldness.

Notes: Plum, cooked apple, violet, marine notes, spellbinding cashmere, leather, amber, black wood, balsam fir. / Prune, pomme cuit, violette, notes marines, cachemire envoûtant, cuir, ambre, bois noir, fir balsam. 

Dur à Cuir (Tough Guy) is a woody leather which expresses a powerful personality for men who are authentic, sensual and infinitely masculine.

Notes: Pepper, cardamom, grapefruit, violet leaf, leather cedar wood, vetiver / Poivre, cardamome, pamplemousse, feuille de violette, cuir, cèdre, vétiver. 

Prices: 39€ for 50 ml, and 54€ for 100 ml.

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