La Sultane de Saba Ambre, Musc, Santal (2011) {New Fragrance}

le-parfum-ambre-musc-santal_saba.jpgFrench spa and beauty brand La Sultane de Saba, dedicated to recreating the pleasures of the hammam at home and at their spa locations, have launched their first perfume called Ambre, Musc et Santal. The descriptive name is not so much meant to be informative as to conjure up the charms of the Orient like the recitation of an incantation evoking precious Oriental essences...

The perfume promises to help release what is most secret and hidden in you: emotion. It is said to be light and to behave like a skin scent, i.e., close to the body.
Hesperidic notes open up the fragrance with the scent of orange peels and lemon followed by a heart of cedar wood, vetiver and sandalwood. In the base, incense and musk are reported to be the dominant notes.
A 100 ml of Eau de Parfum is priced at 69€.
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