Cire Trudon Calabre Candle (2011) {New Perfume} {Home Fragrance}

cire_trudon_calabre.jpgLast fall, Vieille-France candle maker Cire Trudon Est. 1643, launched a new limited-edition scent in their candle collection called Calabre.

"On the coasts of Calabria, the aromas of licorice fill the air of the shores and sail towards Africa. Mingling, thanks to the wind, with the rich scents of myrrh and incense, they blow the lines of a Mediterranean canticle."...


Notes include: camomille, jasmine, spices, incense, myrrh, citruses.

Known for their beautiful hand-blown glassware, most of which is colored a deep spinach green contrasted with the rich gold of the labels, it is always a treat to look at a Cire Trudon candle burning through time, and their diffusion is usually excellent. The label on this Calabre edition is silvery, for a change.

The wax is vegetal, based on a secret blend including soy and coprah. All the ingredients are Greenpeace-approved for their non-toxicity. The product weighs 270 gr. Burn time is 55 to 65 hours.

Price: 60€ to 65€. Available on


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