Jo Malone Red Roses Chronicle Offers New Facets for Valentine's Day 2012 {New Perfumes}

red_roses_chronicle.jpgFor people who love perfumes and who furthermore love to analyze perfumes, there is a ready-made gift for them: Jo Malone Red Roses Chronicle in the latest 2012 edition. The brand has taken to telling scented stories around a perfume extirpated from their permanent collection with the added intrigue of three scents pulled out from the initial narrative represented by the main fragrance. Those three scents, which change from year to year, take the matrix-perfume in new possible directions....

In 2008, when the label did the same with Pomegranate Noir, it called it The Tasting Kit. It is well in tune with their general layering philosophy, only adding the extra dimension of the logical, internal decomposition of one perfume into its constituents. 

Launched in 1996 to mark Valentine's Day, Red Roses can be paired this year with the following scents,

"Sweet Lemon brings tantalising transparency; Scarlet Velvet Rose adds richness; and Honeycomb, a nectar-like warmth. Write your own love story…"

If you believe in numerology, like some do when it comes to perfume, note that the fragrance is composed of 7 varietals of roses: Benjamin Britten, Scarlet Velvet, Songs of Praise, Rouge Royale, Don Juan, Hansa and Deep Secret Roses.

The set is priced at $110.

Here is a review of Jo Malone Red Roses, sans the chronicle scents.

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