Scented Quote of the Day, from Emma Stone: You Have to be Ballsy to Wear Fragrance {Celebrity Perfume}

emma_stone.jpgJust as we were chirping on Tweeter that one can legitimately ask oneself the question: to wear perfume for ourselves or others, that is the question, at times. That remark being a reference to Lana del Rey's lyric "put his favorite perfume on..."from Video Games, which is being popularized via You Tube, Emma Stone reveals in an interview with that,..


"I feel like you have to be ballsy to wear fragrance. It's like, I know that I like this smell, but maybe other people don't like it. The one scent I keep by my bed is Gardénia by Chanel, but Chance is probably my all-time favorite."

Another beauty tip she shared with readers is that she uses grapeseed oil to moisturize, repeatedly, throughout the day... and that's it.

So, to be ballsy or not, when it comes to fragrance wearing? To wear perfume for others or for ourselves?

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