Guerlain L'Art & La Matière Myrrhe et Délires is a First for Ancient Perfume House (2012) {New Fragrance}

Guerlain_Myrrhe_Delires_ok.jpgGuerlain Est. 1828 say that they waited until 2012 to create a perfume using the myrrh material for the first time ever in any one of their fragrances. Myrrhe et Délires, to be exclusively released in March 2012 in the Guerlain boutiques, now centers on the notoriously difficult - yet particularly beguiling - raw material to tame in perfumery. Thierry Wasser, the in-house perfumer, felt shocked by its beauty when he visited Somalia and tasted it, really tasted it to have a better perception of it, rather than just smelled it,

"It exuded warmth, caramel balms, and unfolded slowly and powerfully; it seemed to irradiate my mouth like a burning ray of sun, slightly countered by a few bitter notes,"... 

To him, the Somalian myrrh was like the missing Oriental note and composition within the Guerlain tradition of opulent Orientals.

The name of the perfume "Myrrhe et Délires" which translates as "Myrrh and Frenzies" contains the perfumer's artistic program. It is an attempt "to brighten and divert the dark and intense facets of myrrh, without detracting from its precious and emotional dimension."

The composition reveals notes of myrrh, iris, rose, frankincense, patchouli, and a hint of licorice.

The L'Art et La Matière collection is destined to showcasing exceptional raw materials, upholding standards of luxury, and rising above fashion trends.

The perfumes are artisanally bottled by hand by Guerlain's les dames de table.

Price: $250.

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