Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilée (2012): Eulogy on Solitude in an Enchanted Nature at Night {New Fragrance}

Nuit_etoilee_bottle_goutal_2.jpgAnnick Goutal are readying to launch their latest opus, Nuit Etoilée (Starry Night), with a motto inviting you to indulge in reflective solitude, or as they literally put it, "In the moonlight of your own self," within a world which is dreamt rather than lived in. This oniric experience is however based on visits made to vast pristine expanses turned into dreamy geographic sources of inspiration for the two creators, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen...


"To walk for hours at night in a nature left in a state of wilderness. To listen to the weeds getting crushed and fir cones cracking under one's feet. To collect branches of conifers, to break them and smell the resinous vapors at the tip of one's fingers. Then to lie down on the ground in the moonlight as if you were all alone in the world."

The perfume is said to be fresh, aromatic, woody and spicy. It wishes to be an invitation to explore the great, icy expanses of enchanted forests. A peppermint note diffuses throughout the perfume to suggest a gust of polar wind.

This project is not without recalling the thematic developed by Lorenzo Villoresi for his perfume Iperborea (2010).

Listed notes are: citron, sweet orange, Siberian fir, fir balsam, angelica seeds and everlasting flowers.

The launch of the eau de toilette is scheduled for June 2012.



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  1. As a longtime admirer of Isabelle Doyen/ Camille Goutal I definitely look forward to this. Hopefully it will compete in the same league as the AG summerfrag two years ago, the unconventional Ninfeo Mio.

    • Nonconformism is how I approached the brand the first time I purchased a Goutal perfume: I just felt that Sables was the most interesting of the bunch then in the early days.

      Chant Wagner

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