Chanel In-House Nose Jacques Polge: The Unique Poetical Form that Fragrance Is {Perfume Images & Ads}

Jacques_Polge_roses.jpgWhile sensations and thoughts derived from smelling a perfume are often put into poetical prose, in-house nose for the house of Chanel, Jacques Polge, insists that fragrance is an unique poetical form: "With fragrance you express things that you could not express in another way", thereby calling our attention to the gap existing between these two media of expression which attempt to translate each other usually, language and perfume...

The perfumer is seen visiting a field of Centifolia Roses in Grasse. He extols their qualities saying that they are probably the roses that offer the most volume, fruitiness and honeyed accents in the "background", stressing the critical role they play in rose accords.

On the relationship between fashion and fragrance, Polge says that "fragrance follows fashion"; he always attends the Chanel fashion shows.

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