Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit (2012) {New Perfume}


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Fresh have issued a new scented twist on Hesperides launched in 2007 by showcasing a grapefruit accord in Hesperides Grapefruit.

This note will be of particular interest to women, as research has shown that the aroma of grapefruit makes them be perceived as younger and lighter to men....

The brand have housed the perfume in a convenient 10 ml rollerball.

"Hesperides Eau de Parfum Rollerball is a portable fragrance that features a medley of intoxicating citruses surrounding a crisp grapefruit accord. Its rollerball applicator makes it perfect for travel and mid-day pick-me-ups. It’s also ideal for fragrance layering."

The official list of notes however is the same as that for the original Hesperides. The description nevertheless calls attention to a central note of grapefruit and the name of the scent has changed.

Notes: Mandarin, Italian lemon, grapefruit / bergamot, lotus flower, transparent jasmine / rhubarb, musk, peach.

Price: $20


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