Is the Yankees Scent not even Worth Spraying On? {Fragrant Reading} {Celebrity Perfume}

Mario_Rivera.jpgThe Wall Street Journal is running a piece on the launch of the New York Yankees new perfume, the one meant to collectively represent the team, not just Derek Jeter, a completely different endeavor by Avon with a more heroic take on who plays the game of baseball. Reliever Mariano Rivera represented the crew and was so professional that he did not even feel the need to spray on some of the cologne to potentially share his thoughts about it. You know, this is risky business. It might lead to critical thoughts. So, yes, there is room for a definition of über-professional perfume promotion where you do not spray the perfume on at any cost, because at any rate you are there to promote it, no matter what, no matter how it smells...


"Have you tried the fragrance?" I wanted to know. I wasn't playing "Gotcha"—I happen to have a lot of respect for Mr. Rivera, both as a ballplayer and as a role model, and I have a hunch he knows his toiletries.

"I have not," he admitted. "I will."

I was also curious what scent he normally wears—and where he stands on the after-shave versus soothing herbal skin toner question. I'm old school, preferring the medicinal sting of after-shave to the oily metrosexual caress of a toner.

"I don't think it's appropriate for today," he stated, by which he meant discussing any product other than New York Yankees fragrance."

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Photo: Tiffany L. Clark

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