Le Petit Marseillais Fleur d'Oranger for Frequent Hand Washers {Beauty Notes - Bath & Body}




If you are a frequent hand washer, or if you suffer from dry skin, there's this great liquid soap by French brand Le Petit Marseillais called Fleur d'Oranger (Orange Blossom or Bitter Orange). It smells good, releasing the light nuances of an Eau de Cologne spiked with a good dose of orange blossom. More to the point and the reason why we recommend it is that it's a great product for those who insist on washing their hands at every turn. If you have dry skin - and even if you don't normally - but it gets stripped off by insensitive liquid soaps, this is the only one we've found that works as a hydrating liquid soap...

We're on our fourth bottle and it continues to work its magic despite repeated uses. It won't hydrate like a cream but skin remains soft and supple after use. The trick is to use a good dollop of soap. There is none of the unpleasant parched sensation you can get from liquid soaps when your skin starts feeling like paper.

The formula contains real extract of Citrus Aurantium Amara flower, in 6th position on the list of ingredients. The scent is also enhanced with a "parfum" base which betrays nuances of jasmine. The scent is pleasant without being perfumey and evaporates quickly. The liquid soap is soft, creamy and white, like almond milk.

recharge-le-petit-marseillais-a-la-fleur-d-oranger-ref35720.jpgA great, efficacious product. There is actually a 250 ml refill (see above) which can be transported easily and poured into a container of your choice, if you wish to do so.


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